Sometimes its what other people say that says the most. These testimonials show my love of variety in working with diverse projects and people to shape words and ideas.  

"Sue's the best! She's excellent to work with. Reliable, original, connected and always finding the right angle for my vibe. Sue really helped me refine my image and get the right stuff in place and she's been excellent at keeping it fresh in the eyes of the media so I'm prepared to capitalise on opportunities that pop up. That's really been invaluable. Sue offers me a personalised approach that I wouldn't get anywhere else. She's always coming up with original ideas that suit who I am and what I'm about." (Roland Albertson, SA singer songwriter

"Sue Northam rocks. She gets the vibe and spirit of something mere minutes into the conversation, then converts it into magical text to spread the word far and wide. I've worked with Soosi for two years now, starting with TEDxCapeTown, and plan to work with her for various other projects too. She is an asset to the team that goes far beyond wordsmithing. Sue brings an attitude of authenticity to the project, and helps with the flow of thinking, she's like an inspirational facilitator!" (Bernelle Verster, Curator, TEDxCapeTown)

"Soos edited my Winston Churchill Fellowship Report 'Platforms for Empowerment: Tackling HIV-related stigma through visual and performing arts'. I had over 200 pages of transcribed interviews from which I was drawing data, quotes and themes. Soos had an amazing ability to sift through my many threads of thought and pull out and shape the heart of the matter. She transformed my report into a coherent body of work with an excellent structure. She was a great pleasure to work with and she guided me through the writing process on both a practical and an emotional level. She gave me clear action plans and targets and an increased sense of faith in my writing skills and what I had to offer the world. Thank you Soosi. I look forward to working with you again." (Katie Chalcraft)

"Well done Sue, you nailed my act with your tweet 'a new take on #WTF', a hashtag and a blog that brilliantly summarises our pre-interview with all the key take-aways from my live act, not easy to do since I know I spoke fast! Its the best review I have ever seen, seriously, not just because its favourable and about me (!), but because you've really captured the essence of what I'm trying to do!" (Peter Greenwall, innovation consultant/ entrepreneur/ songwriter/ comedian/ all-round-fun-switched-on-guy)

"We had a real challenge on our hands. Eight huge tender documents that needed to be edited, proofed, checked for consistency and generally polished into a professional end product. We needed someone with an eye for detail, patience, tenacity, and a little bit of flair. Above all, we were working to a deadline. There was no margin for error and we could not be let down. Sue fitted the bill perfectly. Her work helped ensure the tenders received top marks for quality and content and our client was delighted." (Colin Hallmark, Managing Partner, 3:nine)

"Sue is incredible at bringing together and shaping ideas into a useful format. My newsletter was jumbled and a bit of a mess and she easily moved a few things around, made some suggestions and from then everything just flowed - thank you Sue." (Nicky Davies, Founder, Towards Health

"We've worked with Sue on three of our residential leadership programmes and she's not only a first class facilitator but a wonderful coach, consistently striving to bring out the best in people in the most genuine way. She's also been fundamental in reviewing our facilitation and presentation techniques, she's assisted us in revamping our course delivery material and been an all round inspiration to have on our programmes through her storytelling, inspiring words and wonderful presence. This relationship and friendship will go on for a long time to come." (Paul Senior, Trustee and Course Director, The Change Leadership Foundation)

"I approached Sue a while back to help me tidy up my website as well as to format and market my workshops. I was in total awe of her professional stance in which she took on this project. She is unbelievable in word shaping, where I had mental blocks, she sailed through naturally with her wonderful creativity and heart. Sue is highly efficient and dedicated, and I hope to work with her for many years to come. Not only is she a wonderful person but a great asset to anyone who works with her." (Adie Shub, Intuitive Therapist, Intuitree) 

"Sue has worked with the charity as web editor and in a volunteer role as head of press. She helped us secure valuable media contacts and high value press coverage. She grasped the concept with ease and hit the ground running delivering quality and volume that we could only wish for. Her knowledge and speed combined with her work rate delivers exactly what we want when we want it. Sue is superb and generous, a valued hardworking reliable volunteer which is rare indeed. Sue is a vital part of the team with great proactive strength in chasing down leads and delivering. This girl always gets the job done perfectly, with a beautiful smile. If the charity could afford a salary role, she'd be director of media in a second." (Patrick Cox, Founder, Male Cancer Awareness Campaign

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