I connect words, ideas, projects and people to make your work shine, making information valuable since 1999
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You're most likely here 'cos you need some sort of help, 
So before you let out a 'I-give-up-sigh' or a frustrated yelp,
You need someone who can add value and make your magnificence shine through,
And if you need wordsmithing and creative strategy, then maybe that someone is me!

I can add insight and refine
I can whizz sentences into line
I can polish words until they shine
I shape words and ideas so they all align!

From personal biographies to company overviews, let me capture who you are and what you do.
Perhaps you want to tell a few people what's new, maybe a newsletter, report or media release is due.
Or perhaps its time to re-define - who, what, where, when, why.
Often we need a good site, one that will inform, engage and delight.
Enough to portray what you do, but in a clever, beautiful way too.

Plus I have the latest in-built brain software, for spotting inconsistencies and unnecessary glare.
Both on written docs and layout designs, I ensure all is consistent, clear and aligned.
Offline mark-ups or track changes in Word, plus comments and suggestions to make sure you're heard.

Sometimes I write on envelopes or spout ideas over wine, let's find a way to work together that is inspired and aligned! 

I also provide a menu proofreading service niche (mostly to restaurants in Cape Town, capiche),
I triple check the most important sales tool you need (after all, menus only have so few words to read),
So don't go and make a write ol' mis-steak (I want a 200g beef fillet, not a Lady's Beaf Fillay),
A light beer-batter deep fried hake, not a lite bear-battered deep-fried snake.

So before your menu makes it to the printer, make sure it reaches me, your Official Menu Editor.
And before your diners wonder how you'll make a muschroom risoto if you can't even spell!

If menu editing is due, I will consider payment in the form of your best meal for two,
And if your abode is authentic, delightful and unique, it might even make it into our inner clique!

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